Samantha Sipos

Samantha Sipos designs leather jackets to spark emotions, inspire conversations and make luxury attainable. The fit is familiar: comfortable, warm, created with the highest quality and expertise. The look boldly breaks with tradition: vibrant colors, opulent textures, and eye-catching details inspire a casual, playful confidence.

A fascination she traces back to childhood memories of wearing her mother’s leather jacket, Samantha is a firm believer that every look, from jeans to dresses, can benefit from the finishing touch of a great leather jacket. A lover of fine arts, she attended The Art Institute of Chicago, where she cultivated a growing interest in fashion. After graduating she began her career in production at a prominent New York City fashion house where she developed a mastery in construction and a firm belief that quality can never be compromised.

With this, her first collection, Samantha has drawn on her passion and experiences - marrying unique designs, impeccable craftsmanship, and effortless functionality to create a look that feels instantly classic yet unquestionably now.

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